cot bed toddler bed same size Cot bed toddler bed same size

Baby , Blog Cot and Cot Bed: Choosing the baby furniture is a pretty exciting part of preparing for a new family member. There are some specialized options for newborns, like cradle, crib, or even Moses basket. Even so, some parents prefer cot or cot bed right from the start. A lot of people mix cot and cot bed, but although they are pretty similar, there are some differences between those two.

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  • What is a cot? British discovered the object called cot in India. Later the term cot was used to indicate other types of bed, including the British usage as a crib.

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  • Anyway, a cot is a child boxlike bed, usually with vertical bars. However, in United Kingdom, a cot is essentially a crib used for infants. It has a small mattress and a single frame with vertical bars, so it could hold a standing child. A cot is usually used from the birth up until the child is two years old.

    What are the similarities? There are many similarities between the cot and cot bed. They are basically the same shape and design. Cots vary in size, though, but they are usually smaller and cheaper than cot beds, and they have fixed side railings. An advantage to choosing a cot rather than a cot bed, is that a shopper can select one to fit the available space in the room. Some children are happy to stay in a cot for longer than the two years, which is recommended by many manufacturers.

    Other children move from a cot to full-size single bed with ease. Another thing to consider is whether or not the buyer is planning on having more children. That way, a cot is more cost efficient for more children to sleep in. What is a cot bed? Those features are teething rail, casters, headboard and footboard and under-cot drawers.

    It could be used from birth until the age of 5, due to its transformation into a toddler bed by removing the bars. There are also many types of cot beds. Except standard, there are drop sided cot beds, which have the rail on one side for the better access to the baby.

    Safe Sleep Advice Always place your baby on their back to sleep Keep your baby smoke free during pregnancy and after birth Place your baby to sleep in a separate cot or Moses basket in the same room as you for the first 6 months Never sleep with your baby on a sofa or arm chair Do not let your baby get too hot, and keep your baby's head uncovered Mattress Features: As your child grows and develops, moving around more in bed and sleeping in different positions, this side of the mattress will be more responsive to their movement. The purpose of the end panel is for use to convert it to a short, low bed for a toddler.

    There are also sleigh cot beds which got their name due to similar shape to sleigh. They could be drop-side or fixed rail type and side rails are removed to turn it into the bed.

    cot bed toddler bed same size Cot bed toddler bed same size

    Main differences In difference from a cot, the cot bed has removable sides and an end panel. The purpose of the end panel is for use to convert it to a short, low bed for a toddler. A cot bed is larger than a cot, but smaller than a single bed.

    cot bed with drawers underneath

    It requires a mattress and bedding designed specifically for it. Although a cot bed is slightly more expensive, the buyer gets twice the use out of it, so in a sense, it can also be more cost effective than a regular cot. A cot bed is also larger than a standard cot.

    However I would be careful with buying extendable beds as on some models you can feel the divide in the mattress where the extra piece has been added on. Standard Bed Sizes One of the most common questions customers have is what are the standard sizes of beds.

    If the buyer does not have enough space in the home for larger bedroom furniture, they may pick a cot.



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